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About Us

The Information Power Institute of Australia (IPIA) is an independent, non-partisan organisation that has been formed to support development of Australia’s information power capability.

IPIA does this by bringing together government, industry and academia to examine and highlight key issues and policy and act as a think tank on information power. 

Increasing the understanding of the contemporary information environment.

Our work

To contribute to the global body of knowledge, IPIA conducts research and activities in several information related areas.
One of the key areas is governance and management to enable Australia to understand and optimise its information power capabilities.

Another area of focus is in training and development of information professionals in all areas of information power, including physical, informational, and cognitive elements.

To ensure its research is cutting edge and peer reviewed, IPIA collaborates with a range of domestic and international information power experts across government, academia, and industry.


The IPIA has several outreach and awareness capabilities including conferencing, master classes and threat casting.

In the interests of transparency and accessibility, IPIA’s peer reviewed findings are published.

IPIA’s focus is on:

Increasing the understanding of the contemporary information environment

Conducting research to ensure Australia is at the forefront of information power and supporting industry and academia to highlight emerging capabilities

Supporting commercialisation of innovations in the Australian information ecosystem. 

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